Tuesday, January 10, 2012

The Number 23: Once upon a time there lived a dog.

Once upon a time there lived a dog.
Now this dog led a life of terror,
fearing no one, but over time he
realized, though his teeth were
sharp and belly full, his heart was
empty. He wanted a friend.

Alas, all the other animals feared
this four-legged fiend so he set
off, journeying this way and that,
to lands far, far away, hoping to
find someone who knew not of his
reputation. One day he happened
upon a small, wooden shack with a
smokeless chimney above.
He suspends the pole above NED.

The door hung open and inside sat
an old, thin man. His lonely eyes
matched the dog's heart and when he
beckoned it in the dog was
overjoyed. That night, smoke
drifted out the chimney, but oh,
what odd-smelling smoke this was.
You see, the land was China, and in